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First, a demoAP Calculus AB: Without Bound ('08-'09)Applied Math 40S (Winter '09)Pre-Cal 40S (Winter '09)
The Big PictureHow Will I Orchestrate It This Time?
The Next Movement

Thinks and Tools
class tag and image
Organization: labels or categories
First Post: what will you say? (sample)
(more details here)

Digital Ethics4 Points That Have Served Me Well(1) blogspaces = classroom spaces
(2) personal privacy
(3) your future self & your digital identity
(4) thoughtful linking
(sample post)

Organizational Mechanics ...Signing them Up ... adding authours
And Keeping Track ... The Scribe List

Food For Thought
Kids: they dance before they learn there is anything that isn't music.

~William Stafford
- The Power (Fear?) of Transparency - Learning to Swim

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