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A later example and an earlier incarnation.
Other examples (not all exemplary) This Grade 1 wiki was a very clever idea simply executed: 1000 Names Wiki
How I orchestrate a student created wiki solution manual in math class.

These are the two phases of the assignment as I explain them to students. (Feel free to copy and paste this into a wiki for your own class.)

This is a place for students to help each other learn by writing a collaborative solutions manual! This counts for marks. You must make at least two edits/contributions to the wiki. One must be a significant contribution and the other must be a constructive modification. Here is what you have to do:

A Significant Contribution means ...

you completely solve a problem including a detailed annotation of the steps involved. You may want to look at an example.

You may have another idea for a significant contribution to the wiki. I'm open to your suggestions. Talk to me and make a suggestion. If we both agree that it would fall under this category then go ahead. Be creative with this; I'd really love to hear your ideas.

A Constructive Modification means ...

you edit someone elses' work, not your own. You might correct a significant error or several small errors. Maybe you want to reorganize a page or the navigation from this home page. Maybe you want to edit someone else's entry, not for content, but for the way it's written such as by adding some meaningful colour or graphics. The main idea here is to move this project forward in some constructive way. Again, be creative with this.

How this works....

In the sidebar of the wiki you'll find a list of links to various open response type questions similar to those you will have to answer on the exam.

In solving these problems you'll need to use all of the skills we've learned in class. Generally speaking, these questions will require you to review a significant portion of the course. Solving them here, in a low pressure environment, will help prepare you to ace your exam!

Solving the problems is only half the challenge! You also have to explain the steps you took to do so, including:

  • all calculations done. They should be annotated so that another student who missed class the day the material was taught will be able to replicate your work.
  • what do the numbers mean? Interpret the results in light of the problem given (where appropriate).

Take advantage of the tremendous learning and studying opportunities available to you here. Let's work together on this folks!

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